Nashville Marathon

Music City Tiny House

If you’re an HGTV fan like Brent and I are, you may also be tempted to take a dive into the tiny house movement.

When searching for a place to stay for my Nashville Marathon race, we had checked out expensive hotels and, crossing them off our list, had moved on to AirBnB.

Then Music City Tiny House appeared.

Instantly, we wanted to stay there. It was so cute! It was a new adventure within an already exciting adventure! It was a way to settle the “could we live in a tiny house” debate without over-committing.

And it was awesome.

The hosts, Sarah and John, were kind, welcoming, and full of advice, answering all of our questions before we even knew we had them. They had decorated the space to a T, somehow managing to incorporate a full-size kitchen, two queen lofted beds, and a comfortable sitting area into so little space.

While 20/20 hindsight taught me that climbing up into lofted beds after running a marathon is not exactly a good idea, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again. (And recommend you do, too!)

If we had stayed longer, we would have taken full advantage of the fire pit out front and kitchen but our taste of tiny heaven was enough. Until next time, MCTH. Thanks for the memories.

UPDATE:  Music City Tiny House was sold! Sadly it has moved out of Nashville and off to Georgia. If you are able to find it – or another tiny house rental – the suggestion still stands: Give a tiny house a try!

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