Nashville Marathon

It’s Race Day!

So this is race day. The day I’ve been planning since November, working up to since December and training for though the cold, windy, rainy months of January, February, March and April. My how time flies!
But while time would have still passed, feet would not have flown down lake shore path without some very key people.

Today’s post, the first in weeks, is dedicated to you. Thank you.

To friends, family and colleagues who’ve supported me along the way with words of encouragement, pieces of advice, gifts for gear and recovery, and time spent running with me during training. You’ve kept me sticking to it, motivated, and true to my purpose. I wouldn’t feel so prepared today without your support and encouragement.

To the readers who have followed me through the months and many, many miles of training. I am so grateful that you have made me part of your day, be it from a serendipitous stumble onto this page or having added me to your reading lists and inviting me into your inbox. While most I have not had the pleasure of meeting, you’ve still had a wonderfully positive influence on me and I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

To those who have, and continue, to inspired me. Be it through your photos of great workouts or goals, your great advice and clearly awesome life experiences, and your incredible dedication to running and fitness. You’ve carved your own paths. You’ve run your own marathons. You’re just great at what you’re purpose is and it’s inspiring to see.

And, to Brent, the (now live in!) boyfriend. Thank you. You’ve been my proofreader for each post, even when I knew you wanted to sleep, my rescue car when I was 16 miles away in south Chicago having run to the end of lake shore, and tough coach, literally pushing me off the couch when I just wanted to be lazy and skip a shorter run. You drove me down here. You woke up before dawn to help me get ready. You’ve always made my training a priority. Love you. Thank you! 😘

Thank you everyone for making this such a fun adventure! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

If you want to track it, here’s the gear!

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