Nashville Marathon

Booty Work

cajytiqwcaa9by4Dear Workout Diary,

30 days ago today I promised you I would complete the #30DayFitness challenge to tone up my derrière and legs.

As you can see from the picture, each day has increasingly longer sets of squats, bridges, and lunges.

Looks pretty intense, yea?

Well, it’s 30 days later, courtesy of a leap year and extra long February.

So here’s how it went…

Day 1:  I’m feeling good.  Do I really only need to do 5 bridges?  That’s almost not even worth it!  I could totally do more.

Day 5:  This is more like it.  It fits really well into my normal post-run activity.  I like running for however many miles and then pushing my legs to go a little farther even though they are tired.  This is a great number of reps but I know I can do more.

Day 15:  Oy.. I missed my last 2 days.. Those weekends, man..  It’s hard to stay on schedule and consistent!  To make up for it, I did the set from Day 13 as part of the warm up and Day 15 after running then did 14 and 16 the next day.  It hurt but still in a good way.

Day 20:  Seeing results! YES!!!  I hate to admit it but when I first started, I had kind of a lumpy butt.. Gross.  I tried taking a picture but was too embarrassed.  While I still have over a week to go, I’m so glad to be seeing a change!

Day 23:  Feel the burn!  There are so many of these to do!  I can handle the squats.  I look forward to the bridges.  But DANG.. Those lunges are killer!

Day 30:  Done! Finito!  Complete!  How the heck did I get all the way up to doing 90-60-70?? My how time flies!

30 days.

Hundreds of squats, bridges, and lunges.

My legs feel strong.

Really strong.  Really tight. Not necessarily leaner but like they can go any distance I tell them to.

It took some getting used to adding it into my schedule.  At the beginning, I had to keep reminding myself that I have to ease my way into it.  That it would get hard fast.

The trick was building it into a routine.  I made it a part of my warm up after stretching when I was doing longer runs and added it at the end for the shorter runs.  That worked well because I could make sure I wasn’t too tired to do it but still challenge myself after working my legs out.

Once it was part of a routine.  It was really easy to stick to.  Even easier to stick to once I saw results.

I’d highly recommend finding a 30 day workout and giving it a go.

It’s short term.  It’s specific.  And, it’s effective.

My next one will be abs.  Which one will yours be?



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