It’s Race Day!

So this is race day. The day I’ve been planning since November, working up to since December and training for though the cold, windy, rainy months of January, February, March and April. My how time flies! But while time would have still passed, feet would not have flown down lake shore path without some very … More It’s Race Day!

Running While Sick

What in the blazes would make someone want to do that?  Run?  While sick? While my boyfriend – and probably countless others – can’t fathom why one wouldn’t just accept the sick day and go home, I felt my leaving at noon to go sit in front of a couch for a night was enough … More Running While Sick

When Life Happens

Guys, remember 3 weeks ago, right after the Booty Work #30DayFitness Challenge? I was feelin’ good, riding high off 4 weeks of steadily working out and consistently doing that little extra after a workout. Guess what happened? Short answer:  Life. Long answer:  I prioritized other activities instead of my workouts. I’m not one to accept excuses.  … More When Life Happens

Why I Run

There’s a billion and one reasons to put on your running shoes and get out of the door. I’ve probably tested out a few of them.  I’ve run to get rid or boost energy and to find mental clarity.  I’ve run to keep lbs. in check, stay fit and build physical strength.  I’ve run because … More Why I Run

Booty Work

Dear Workout Diary, 30 days ago today I promised you I would complete the #30DayFitness challenge to tone up my derrière and legs. As you can see from the picture, each day has increasingly longer sets of squats, bridges, and lunges. Looks pretty intense, yea? Well, it’s 30 days later, courtesy of a leap year and extra … More Booty Work

Budgeting 101

Did you know that only 40% of households have a monthly budget? Isn’t that a little terrifying?  How do you know if you can buy something if you don’t know what you can afford? I can’t preach and I’m sure there’s a few guilty pangs for anyone reading this because we’ve all been there.  I’m supposed … More Budgeting 101

The Haitus

Hi y’all, did ya miss me? If you read my last post, you know that run kicked my behind.   You know, this one.  It tossed me right off the horse. And, while I have still be running since, it took a long time to recover from that day – over a month to get back in the … More The Haitus

Uncharted Territory

Early January.  In Chicago.  11 degrees high.  Wind chill at -7. And Sunday’s are long run days. 9 miles in sub-zero temps.  A new low. I was scared. Seriously, legitimately nervous. I had second layers, gloves, a windbreaker, a scarf, and a hat.  Extra bundled, still worried.  But we press on.  I have a work … More Uncharted Territory

Picking Your Race

So many options, so little time. So how do you find the right race for you among so many choices?! There’s a lot of great advice out there.  When it comes down to it though, it’s all about where your heart is guiding you. It’s a personal decision.  100%. But, if you’d like help in … More Picking Your Race

The Break Up

No, not the movie kind. And, thankfully, not the heart-wrenching kind. I’m talking about the treadmill kind. Breaking up a run on a treadmill to make it more bearable. If you are someone who has no trouble hopping on a machine and going for miles like the Energizer Bunny, I salute you.  That’s a big … More The Break Up